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This is a list of CMSes, web frameworks and other implementations. It is sorted alphabetically, but more sorted pages can be added by the users:

  • Adventure-PHP-Framework - a web-development framework for PHP.
  • Angerwhale - a Catalyst-based, non-database-based, blogging application.
  • aurora - a "slim modular MVC framework for PHP 5.2"
  • Big Medium - "a content management system aimed squarely at Web designers who want a CMS that enables extremely flexible designs but remains easy to set up without programming skills." (Perl, Proprietary).
  • Bitweaver - A highly modular web framework with a built-in CMS
  • CakePHP - a PHP-based web-framework modeled on Ruby on Rails. Licensed under the X11 Licence.
  • Catalyst - a powerful and popular MVC web-framework for Perl, which interfaces to many CPAN modules and with many plugins.
  • CGI::Application - a relatively minimal (and as a result flexible) web-development framework for Perl.
  • concrete5 - a PHP-based CMS that "makes it easy for anyone to run a web-site".
  • Django - a Python-based web-development framework.
  • Drupal - a powerful PHP-based Content Management System and web-application framework.
  • Divination 5 - Extensive Virtual DB and Virtual FS supported CMS
  • EasyCMS2 - a Catalyst-based CMS under development, that aims to be easy to use.
  • glass dildo - scripted based CMS forward and done.
  • Helma - a Java-hosted, JavaScript-scripted web-development framework. Licensed under the revised BSD Licence.
  • ImpressCMS - a PHP-based CMS that is a fork of XOOPS and compatible with its modules.
  • Kazi - a tiny Perl-based CMS.
  • Latemp - an offline Content Management System based on Website Meta Language, and some Perl CPAN modules.
  • Jifty - a web framework for Perl, which is DRY, a full stack, supports continuations, based on CPAN modules and has a Pony. Open Source (GPL+Artistic).
  • Joomla - a PHP-based CMS similar to Drupal or Plone. GPLed.
  • MediaWiki - a sophisticated PHP+MySQL wiki, that was developed for use in the Wikipedia and other wikis of the Wikimedia foundation. GPLed.
  • MODx CMS - A Content Management Framework in PHP, using MySQL. GPLed.
  • MojoMojo - a powerful Perl and Catalyst-based wiki. Perl-style Licence.
  • Movable Type - a Perl-based blogging platform and content-management system. Open Source (GPL).
  • Oddmuse - a GPLed Perl Wiki-engine, that is a fork of UseModWiki.
  • phpMyFAQ - a PHP-based system for managing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • PHPulse - a fast MVC framework for PHP. GPLed.
  • Pligg - a PHP+MySQL-based content-management system inspired by
  • Podius - a Perl-based CMS (with no extra dependencies). GPLv3.
  • Reaction - a Perl-based MVC framework based on Catalyst.
  • Ruby on Rails - a famous MVC framework for the Ruby programming language, that started the hype about rapid-development MVC frameworks. MIT/X11.
  • Sense/Net - an open-source Enterprise Content Management System based on .NET.
  • Silva CMS - a Zope-based CMS that is intended for organizations that manage multiple or complex web-sites.
  • Symfony - a PHP (5 and above)-based web-framework.
  • Spensierato - a PHP-based CMS that aims to be simple-to-use and allow in-site editing for non-technical users. (GPL).
  • Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware - a PHP open-source CMS+groupware.
  • Titanium - a Perl online web framework based on CGI::Application.
  • TurboGears - a Python-based web-development framework. (MIT/X11 Licence)
  • Typeface - a Catalyst-based blogging application.
  • Typo - a Ruby on Rails-based blogging platform and content management software. MIT/X11.
  • WebAPP - a Perl-based blogging platform and content-management system.
  • WebGUI - a powerful Perl-based online CMS.
  • Website in a box - Simple, small-scale, Catalyst-based CMS for individuals and small groups.
  • Website Meta Language - an offline processor for UNIX-like systems (including cygwin), that involves passing several processors to generate the final HTML or embedded code.
  • WordPress - a PHP-based blogging platform and content-management system.
  • Yii - a PHP-based web-application framework. BSD-style license.
  • ZofCMS - a web-development framework and templating system for small-medium sites. Written in Perl. Perl License.
  • ecm
  • Zope - a web-application framework written in Python.

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