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Lists Edit

Individual Libraries Edit

  • Dojo - The Dojo Toolkit is a modular open source JavaScript toolkit (or library), designed to ease the rapid development of cross platform, JavaScript/Ajax based applications and web sites.
  • FCKEditor - a JavaScript-based WYSIWYG rich-text editor.
  • TinyMCE - a JavaScript-based WYSIWYG rich-text editor.
  • Google Web Toolkit - compile Java into web-based JavaScript.
  • IE7.js/IE8.js - Makes Internet Explorer (5, 6, 7) behave more like a standards-compliant browser.
  • jQuery - "jQuery achieves this goal [making writing JavaScript fun] by taking common, repetitive, tasks, stripping out all the unnecessary markup, and leaving them short, smart and understandable."
  • MochiKit - "Making JavaScript suck less"
  • MooTools - "allows you to write powerful, flexible, and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented, and coherent API."
  • Mark Wilton-Jones' JavaScript Libraries - licence is not open-source.
  • Prototype - Prototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications.
  • Walter Zorn:
  • Yahoo User Interface - a portable JavaScript library distributed under the BSD license.
  • X - a library for JavaScript with many demos.
  • Zapatec JavaScript Calendar and Date Picker
  • Ext JS - a huge JavaScript library that is distributed under a problematic, non-free licence that does not allow forking. Used to be LGPL-like, now GPL-like.
  • Sigma AJAX Visual Builder - a Rich Internet Application framework for JavaScript, with a GUI designer. LGPL. Also see its Freshmeat Record.
  • Google Closure - a JavaScript library from Google. Used internally, now open-sourced under the Apache License.
  • Lightbox - “technique used to display large images using modal dialogs.”

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